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galactic arena project

my vision, which i call "galactic arena project", is not only the idea of allowing skijumping at the seaside respectively without hills and snow. on one side it should also be a spectacular design of an architectural complex, and on the other side a complete concept with a significant role of sports and tourism.

worldwide unique: a hotel tower in the sea with an underwater access. also the first time on this globe: an open-air-arena on the beach, and absolutely sensational: as their connection a singular skijumping slope, which will impress the destination.

an investor has to catch the dimension of this opportunity, be bold and determined to approach the challenge, which the project is calling for. together we will write sports history, when one day skijumping will be performed at the seaside the first time ever. 

together with my partners we have worked on some new ideas. by adding shops and restaurants a new meeting point will be created, which will stimulate the place and upgrade the location.

and the best: we will add a super indoor complex, a sports dome, into our concept, where activities can be practised such as climbing, diving, golfing, body-flying, beachvolleyball, electro-gocart and many more disciplines. we are also planning to install the largest carrera racetrack worldwide.

we are currently working on optimizing this presentation which is showing all additional values and will show it shortly.


Mastermind Team

Wilfried Sauer

Wilfried Sauer

Sports Pedagogue

Alexander Michel

Alexander Michel

Business Consultant


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